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High Coast Festival




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High Coast Festival

The High Coast Festival is a three-day festival that has been held every year since 1984. The festival, with the best callers in Sweden, always attracts dancers and callers from all the nordic countries. We have also had top callers from USA, England and Germany calling at the festival.

The High Coast Festival is held in late August each year at the beautiful bay of Själevad, near Örnsköldsvik.

Dancing all day long, with activities such as music, grilling and shows in the evenings are some of the reasons for the festival being so popular for dancers as well as for callers.

It is possible to travel by train from Stockholm to Örnsköldsvik. We advise you to book as early as possible to aquire the cheapest tickets.

Invitation to the High Coast Festival 2018, 35th year Grand Finale.

Gnistan, Björnavägen 68, Gullänget, Örnsköldsvik
17-19 August,2018
Jack Borgström, Robert Björk,
Richard Björk, Ingvar Pettersson.


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Phone: +46 70 226 59 71
General info: Eva Hedström
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