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Welcome to Ö-viks Squaredancers!   

About us

Being a member of Ö-viks Squaredancers naturally means a lot of training and dancing, but it also means so much more. We have a lot of fun together, dancing, as well as doing other things; sometimes also in the company of other square dance clubs. Some examples are:

Club dances to which we also invite other clubs
Once a year, before the summer break, we make a trip together.

For instance, we have gone canooing, visited islands in the beautiful area of the High Coast (the High Coast is a World Heritage Convention area). We have gone hiking and climbing in Slåtterdalsskrevan and dining on the archipelago boat Ottilia.

Weekend trips
Occasionally, we also make longer trips such as theatre trips to Stockholm or wilderness trips to the snow-capped mountains farther inland.
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