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Welcome to Ö-viks Squaredancers!   
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About us

Being a member of Ö-viks Squaredancers naturally means a lot of training and dancing, but it also means so much more. We have a lot of fun together, dancing, as well as doing other things; sometimes also in the company of other square dance clubs. Some examples are:

  • Club dances to which we also invite other clubs
  • Trips
    Once a year, before the summer break, we make a trip together.

    For instance, we have gone canooing, visited islands in the beautiful area of the High Coast (the High Coast is a World Heritage Convention area). We have gone hiking and climbing in Slåtterdalsskrevan and dining on the archipelago boat Ottilia.

  • Weekend trips
    Occasionally, we also make longer trips such as theatre trips to Stockholm or wilderness trips to the snow-capped mountains farther inland.

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